Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does the nivea lip balm have an expiry date?

im using the velvet rose kind. and in the bottom of the stick there are series of numbers, not sure what it is. it says ';MFG: 16/11/05'; what does it mean?Does the nivea lip balm have an expiry date?
it means the manufacturing date , usually such products remain ok till 3yrs from the date of mfg, but if the cream has a yellowish tinge,then discard itDoes the nivea lip balm have an expiry date?
maybe thats when it was manufactuared????
Exp. date must be there on bottom but if it is of 2005 then it's near about 2 years back and now it expired.
MFG means MANUFACTURING (date)... so what you see is its date of manufacture, so your lip balm was manufactured on November 16 of 2005... most cosmetic product manufacturers claim that from the date you open or use their product, it will expire one year later... so once you start using the product, you have a year to consume it...

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